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beginning of the revolution

Bitcoin is a digital revolution in the world of finance.

Created in 2009, it is decentralized and based on blockchain. Without interference from governments or financial institutions, Bitcoin allows instant and global transactions, offering privacy and anonymity. Its explosive value attracts investors seeking significant returns. With the potential to challenge the traditional financial system, Bitcoin is shaping the future of transactions.

Introducing GoldenCoin

The first Memecoin inspired by bitcoin.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, the power of a meme coin inspired by Bitcoin cannot be underestimated. Golden Coin, being the first of its kind, goes beyond mere entertainment and establishes itself as a true store of value. With its unique blend of humor and financial innovation, Golden Coin paves the way for a new era where meme coins can be seen as legitimate and reliable assets to preserve wealth. Embracing the spirit of Bitcoin while embracing the viral nature of memes, Golden Coin is a symbol of the potential and strength that lies in the convergence of digital currencies and Internet culture."

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Potential for Exponential Growth

Investing in a meme coin inspired by Bitcoin combines the power of trending memes with the growth potential of cryptocurrencies, increasing your earnings.


The GoldenCoin community is united and engaged, facing FUD and scammers. Nothing shakes them! Members collaborate, developers enhance the technology, and partners provide support. Disinformation is quickly debunked, strengthening the coin's security. Together, they overcome challenges and triumph, proving that unity is unbeatable.

Guaranteed Liquidity

The allocation of 2% of all fees generated by Golden Coin to liquidity is a remarkable feature of this cryptocurrency. This approach is known as an 'automatic liquidity system' or 'liquidity pool.' It means that with every transaction made with Golden Coin, a percentage is directed towards the coin's liquidity, creating a reserve available for buying and selling in the market


Contract renounced and liquidity locked.

  • Total supply of 1 billion
  • Taxa 5%
  • 2% for liquidity
  • 3% marketing and listings

1 Billion GLD

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5% fee

2% for liquidity - 3% for marketing and listings

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World of crypto

Events that marked
the world of cryptocurrencies

Mid 2009

Creation of Bitcoin

Satoshi Nakamoto creates Bitcoin and mines the genesis block in January, marking the beginning of cryptocurrencies.
Mid 2015

Ethereum and ICOs

Vitalik Buterin introduces Ethereum with smart contracts. ICOs emerge as a novel fundraising model.
Mid 2017

Boom, ICOs, and Regulations

The cryptocurrency market explodes in value, with Bitcoin surpassing $20,000, while the number of ICOs dramatically increases, raising billions of dollars in funding.
Mid 2020

Institutional Adoption and DeFi

Companies adopt Bitcoin, DeFi revolutionizes finance with blockchain, eliminating intermediaries.
Mid 2021

NFTs and Regulations

NFTs gain value for digital art. Countries tighten regulations to oversee cryptocurrencies.
September 2023

Launch of the GLD

The first Bitcoin-inspired dog coin emerged as a digital store of value and paved the way for vast possibilities in the future.
The future


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